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Sonnet announces simulation tool for the modern IC and PCB designer


May 20, 2013

Leading High Frequency Electromagnetic (EM) Software provider, Sonnet Software Inc. announces a new product, Blink™, which is an easy-to-use EDA environment for the analysis of on chip passive devices such as spiral inductors and MIM capacitors. Blink will be available to the market in late 2013.

Blink allows high frequency silicon circuit designers to include their stack up and PDK information in EM analysis with just a few button clicks. With Blink, integrated circuit designers now have an automated way to access electromagnetic (EM) analysis of passive RFIC devices without limiting them to any specific PDK. The new product automates the process of setting up electromagnetic (EM) simulations of passive integrated circuit devices including center-tapped spiral inductors. 

"Blink is what the market needs today," said James Rautio, president & CEO of Sonnet.  "This new tool offers speed and efficiency without sacrificing accuracy. Coupled with Sonnet's unparalleled customer support, Blink is an indispensable tool for the modern IC and Package designer."

The Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has partnered with Sonnet to become an early adopter of Blink in their research. Sonnet has donated licenses of the new software solution, Blink, to support high-speed IC design research at the University.

"We are honored that Sonnet has chosen to join HKUST ECE Department’s Microelectronics Industrial Partnership Program (MIPP)," said Dr. Patrick Yue, Professor of ECE & Director of the MIPP.  "The HKUST ECE Department offers one of the top academic environments in the world for IC and EM research projects. The objective of MIPP is to position our department as a portal to both the Hong Kong Science Technology Park and the IC companies in Shenzen, the so-called Silicon Valley of China."

 A demo of Blink will be available early summer 2013.For more information on Blink, visit www.sonnetsoftware.com or call Sonnet Software at 315-453-3096