Microwave Journal

Low PIM Cable Assemblies

April 4, 2013

ASF Low PIM SpotShad lo resAtlanTecRF now has stock of low PIM cable assemblies, which are designed specifically for applications where it is essential to have a low level of passive intermodulation products.

This newly launched series of high performance and low intermodulation cable assemblies are available in two convenient diameters and a large range of lengths.

In order to achieve the low intermodulation level of -155 dBm at 6 GHz with 2 tones of +26 dBm, the cable material consists of a silver plated copper centre conductor with PTFE dielectric and a copper/tin composite outer conductor. Connector bodies are of trimetal plated brass with no ferrous parts.

The standard SMA male connectors also feature the anti-torque hex to prevent cable twisting and distortion as the connectors are tightened. This further enhances the cable assembly performance.

AtlanTecRF C.E.O, Geoff Burling, said “These standard low PIM cable assemblies with stock availability are just what has been needed in critical semiconductor device test set-ups and in telecommunications installations for the highest intermodulation rejection at affordable costs”.

The ASF-LP series are available in lengths from 2 to 60 inches in both 0.141 and 0.086 sizes with frequency capability to more than 18GHz and are formable and reformable in situ according to customer requirements.

Another important feature, especially in the test and measurement and telecommunications fields, is the high RF shielding of 100dB minimum. Connector options other than SMA male are also available.

The ASF-LP series 0.086 and 0.141 datasheets can be viewed on www.atlantecrf.com and they are available from the factory or from distributors and representatives worldwide at AtlanTecRF.