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Portable PIM Tester

March 14, 2013

Portable PIM Tester

From an industry leader in passive intermodulation (PIM) test equipment, Kaelus offers a new portable and rugged PIM analyzer. Designed with tower climbers in mind, the battery powered iPA Series PIM test analyzer is an IEC-compliant high power instrument that is highly portable, rugged and reliable. Specially constructed to support PIM testing at remote radio head (RRH) installations as well as being convenient for any test locations, this small device weighs less than 12 kg (26 lbs) and is equipped with lifting lugs at four points for multi-orientation angles and comfortable tower use.

The iPA can be operated locally through the intuitive touch screen interface, or remotely by any Wi-Fi enabled device, including the iPad Mini, which comes standard with every iPA, ensuring an easy and efficient portable field testing experience.

Additional features of the iPA PIM test analyzer include:

  • Multiple measurement modes
    • PIM vs. frequency
    • PIM vs. time
    • Spectrum monitoring
    • Range-to-Fault (available mid-year 2013)
    • Unique overlay of PIM and return loss on a single chart (RTF mode only)
    • Powerful reporting capabilities ideally suited for fault finding, and site close-out package
  • An optional interchangeable battery case with charging dock allowing two batteries to charge with a third for continuous field operation (one battery comes standard with the iPA)
  • Available in all standard wireless telecommunications bands

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