Microwave Journal

Eight-Way 20 to 3000 MHz Power Divider

March 14, 2013

Eight-way 20 to 3000 MHz Power Divider

TRM has developed a broadband eight-way power divider, model DL82030, designed for radar and SatCom applications from 20 to 3000 MHz. This reliable eight-way ferrite component is designed for systems requiring an even division of input power, providing signals at eight output ports that are well balanced in amplitude and phase. The maximum amplitude balance is ±0.4 dB while the phase balance between output ports is ±4°. Isolation between output ports is at least 18 dB. The maximum input and output VSWR is 1.5:1.

Model DL82030 is rated for input power levels to 2 W, and delivers output signals with maximum insertion loss of 4.5 dB. It is supplied in a rugged aluminum housing measuring 3.75" × 2.0" × 0.50" with SMA connectors. The finish is a chemical conversion coating per MIL-DTL-5541 Class 3 with optional paint available upon request. The power divider is designed for operating temperatures from -40° to +70°C.

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