Microwave Journal

Aeroflex/Inmet and Modelithics announce new chip attenuator, high-power resistor

February 21, 2013

Aeroflex/Inmet Inc. and Modelithics Inc. have teamed to develop Global™ Models for Aeroflex/ Inmet surface mount attenuators (PCAF and PCAAF series) and high power chip resistors (NPC50-50W and NPC50-100W series). The advanced model features include  substrate scaling, pad geometry scaling and part value selectability. The models are validated up to 20GHz and can be placed into high frequency design simulation schematics within Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS),  AWR’s Microwave Office™, and Agilent Technologies’ Genesys design software. The full equivalent circuit models are available now on request from Modelithics, and will be added to the new releases of Modelithics COMPLETE Library of simulation models planned for each simulator in 2013. Requests for free trial use of the full models as well as example S-parameter files are available for immediate download from Aeroflex/Inmet Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP)  page:  http://www.modelithics.com/mvp/Inmet/

“Inmet’s partnership with Modelithics represents the first step in providing our customer base access to the information needed to speed up their design process and properly select the appropriate devices for integration into their circuit designs” noted Craig Lindberg, President of Aeroflex / Inmet. He added, “ this initial effort to provide S-Parameter data as well as equivalent circuit models for some of our commonly used catalog chip devices represents an easily accessible library intended to ultimately lower the cost and time associated with initial circuit design efforts by our customers.”  Larry Dunleavy, president and CEO of Modelithics commented that“Our team has really enjoyed working with Craig and his colleagues on this project and we are pleased to welcome Aeroflex/Inmet as our latest MVP!”