Microwave Journal

AWR European Seminar Tour 2006

August 28, 2006

Starting off in Helsinki, Finland, on September 29th, the AWR Autumn 2006 Seminar Tour will visit ten major cities in Europe before reaching its final destination of London at the end of October. The seminars will be presented by experienced design engineers and will examine how advances in CAD technology make solving today’s RF and microwave design problems easier and faster.

Six technical presentations will cover the following topics:

  • EM analysis – which EM solver to use for which problem

  • Signal Integrity – what does it mean?

  • Signal Integrity – solving the problem

  • Harmonic Balance – turning the workhorse into a racehorse

  • Broadband Wireless – system design using a WiMAX example

  • Next generation cellular and broadband standards

The complete list of locations that the tour will visit is:

26th, Helsinki, Finland
27th, Stockholm, Sweden
28th, Gothenburg, Sweden

3rd, Amsterdam, Netherlands
5th, Munich, Germany
10th, Milan, Italy
11th, Rome, Italy
12th, Catania, Italy
18th, Paris, France
19th, Madrid, Spain
20th, Barcelona, Spain
31st, London, UK

For more information on individual seminars, visit: www.appwave.com/seminars and to register go to www.appwave.com/register/seminar.aspx.