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MAGUS (PTY), CST and EMSS announce the next major release of Antenna Magus, version 4.0

May 23, 2012

Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) and EMSS - EM Software & Systems-S.A. (Pty) Ltd announced the release of the fourth major version of Antenna Magus. With this major version 4.0 release, Antenna Magus has crossed the 200 antenna mark – a significant number of antenna designs –  further entrenching the product as the world’s leading antenna design tool. Antennas can be designed for a wide range of objectives (like frequency, gain, impedance and substrate properties etc.) and validated simulation models of user-designed antennas can be exported to FEKO® and CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®. 

Antenna Magus 4.0 offers application specific designs which are optimised for various applications like WLAN, GPS and other broadband applications. This new capability focusses on solving application specific problems where design objectives are predefined by the application area, or where complex topologies preclude algorithmic synthesis as a design approach. Users can now explore and investigate multiple novel antenna topologies, accessing designs that have been pre-optimised to meet industry specific standards for relevant applications.

“In the few short years since we first released, Antenna Magus has grown to an impressive collection of antennas and antenna design tools – realising its potential as the indispensable antenna synthesis tool. Our team of engineers and software developers have done ground breaking work, researching and capturing practical antenna topologies, which are presented in a way that is accessible and useful to both inexperienced engineers and antenna experts. Version 4.0 sees the introduction of some exciting new antenna design and array synthesis options that enhance the capabilities in many application areas. The knowledge and engineering content available through Antenna Magus continues to grow, making it a more powerful and flexible tool with every  update,” stated Brian Woods, Managing Director, MAGUS (Pty) Ltd. 

Highlights of Antenna Magus 4.0:

  • 200 antennas in the database. 
  • 168 new and updated parametric export models.
  • Application specific design options.
  • ‘Instant’ performance estimation for many designs.
  • Import custom 3D antenna patterns for use as array elements in the array synthesis tool.
  • New visualisation options for radiation pattern results
  • Expanded import and export formats and options for chart and array layout data


Antenna Magus Version 4.0 is immediately available and can be purchased through any CST or FEKO reseller.