Microwave Journal

Multi-Mix® Technology

December 19, 2012


Multi-Mix® technology allows the integration of active and passive functions into self-contained modules a fraction the size of conventional hybrid units.

The process controls of the Multi-Mix® methods allow a low cost manufacturing approach that is suitable for high or low volume production. The platform strategy of MMFM® reduces engineering cycle time and enables the Multi-Mix® process to be an economical solution for new designs. Additionally, the capabilities of the process allow new and unique techniques to be implemented in the design of complex active Integrated Microwave Assemblies resulting in higher levels of functionality and integration.


  • High power amplifier modules
  • Antenna feed networks
  • Integrated T/R modules
  • Electronically steered phased arrays
  • Data links

Multi-Mix® technology has been successfully used to:

  • Reduce size and weight in large phased array antenna feed networks
  • Integrate multiple filter functions and reduce overall weight and volume by more than a factor of 10
  • Create small high power multi gain stage linearized amplifiers
  • Beamforming networks with extremely tight port to port phase control
  • Long delay lines in a small volume
  • Radiating Structures
  • Manufacture multiple function integrated assemblies