Microwave Journal

2012 Editorial Index

December 14, 2012

Gampala, Gopinath, C.J. Reddy, Oliver Stabler and Thomas Hager
“Compact Antenna for MIMO LTE Mobile Phone Applications,” No. 3, p. 98.
Li, Bing and Jing-Song Hong
“Compact UWB Antennas with Dual Band-Notched Characteristics,” No. 9, p. 150.
Stoij, Christer
“Antennas, the mmWave Advantage,” No. 8, p. 84.
Tang, I-Tseng
“Integrated SAW Broadband Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX,” No. 4, p. 100.
Veremey, Vladimir, John Dunn and Alexander Sulima
“Optimization of a Waveguide-Backed Slot Antenna Array,” No. 3, p. 130.

Hagensen, Morten and Anders Edquist
“Simplified Power Handling Analysis of Microwave Filters,” No. 9, p. 130.
Liu, Jiang, Hugo Morales, Thomas Welle, Larry Dunleavy and Gerhard Schoenthal
“Ultra-Wideband Nonlinear Modeling of W-Band Schottky Diodes,” No. 9, p. 150.

Chong, Kellie
“GaN Powers High Speed Wireline Networks,” No. 6, p. 78.
El Assir, Rachid
“Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Their Applications,” No. 5, p. 142.
Moon, Ju-Young, Sang-Won Yun, Chang-Soo Ahn and Seon-Joo Kim
“New Tile Structure for Microwave Modules Using Solderless Vertical Interconnections,” No. 10, p. 76.

Doherty, Lance, Jonathan Simon and Thomas Watteyne
“Wireless Sensor Network Challenges and Solutions,” No. 8, p. 22.
Dunn, Ian
“21st Century Radar: Challenges and Opportunities,” No. 1, p. 28.
Fettweis, Gerhard P.
“A 5G Wireless Communications Vision,” No. 12, p. 24.
Hansen, John S. and Jim Taber
“Accelerating the Response to RF Interference,” No. 10, p. 24.
Higham, Eric
“Architecture and Amplifier Device Developments in CATV Networks,” No. 4, p. 22.
Hindle, Patrick
“Future RF Market Opportunities for GaN,” No. 6, p. 22.
Poddar, Ajay, Ray Pengelly, Rafi Hershtig, Nickolas Kingsley, David Hall, Dominic FitzPatrick, Liam Devlin, Andy Howard and Chris Marki
“Expert Tips, Tricks and Techniques,” No. 7, p. 22.
Steel, Victor and Art Morris
“Tunable RF Technology Overview,” No. 11, p. 26.
Tentzeris, Manos M., Rushi Vyas, Vasileios Lakafosis, Taoran Le, Amin Rida and Sankil Kim
“Conformal 2D/3D Wireless Modules Utilizing Inkjet Printing and Nanotechnology,” No. 2, p. 20.
Vye, David
“Updating Aerospace and Defense ATS,” No. 3, p. 22.
Vye, David
“Goliath’s Fall,” No. 5, p. 34.
Webb, William
“The European Spectrum Capacity Crunch,” No. 9, p. 24.

Chen, Caixia, Manh Anh Do, Kiat Seng Yeo, Chirn Chye Boon and Wei Meng Lim
“A Low-Power Multi-Channel UWB Single Chip Transceiver with Pulse Detectors,” No. 10, p. 104.
Chen, Zhe, Wei Hong, Jianyi Zhou, Jixin Chen and Chen Yu
“Design of Miniature RF Transceivers for Broadband MIMO Systems in Ku-Band,” No. 11, p. 108.
Coonrod, John and Brian Rautio
“Comparing Microstrip and CPW Performance,” No. 7, p. 74.
Coonrod, John
“Harmonic Suppression of Edge Coupled Filters Using Composite Structures,” No. 9, p. 104.
Drucker, Eric
“Techniques for Improving Noise and Spurious In PLLs,” No. 5, p. 110.
Hayati, Mohsen and Azadeh Khajavi
“Double Notched Bandpass Filter Achieves UWB Performance,” No. 1, p. 118.
Hayati, Mohsen, Sohrab Majidifar and Omid Sadeghi Fathabadi
“Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter with Wide Stopband and High Attenuation,” No. 4, p. 90.
Hubbard, Matthew
“Taming the Smartphone Power Consumption Vicious Cycle,” No. 11, p. 92.
Jeong, Jang-Hyeon, Young Yun, Hong-Seung Kim, Nak-Won Jang and Yunju Baek
“RF Characteristics of a Short Wavelength Comb-Type Capacitive Transmission Line on MMICs,” No. 2, p. 82.
Ju, Jeong-Gab, Young Yun, Young-Bae Park and Suk-Youb Kang
“Ultra-Compact On-Chip RF Divider Circuit Employs a PAGS Structure,” No. 1, p. 108.
Kahng, Sungtek and Dongjin Lim
“A Center-Tapped CRLH ZOR UWB Bandpass Filter with Improved Stopband,” No. 6, p. 86.
Lapidus, Alex D.
“A Dual-Band 3 dB Coupled Line Tandem Hybrid Coupler,” No. 1, p. 98.
Lee, Boram and Sungtek Kahng
“Compact UHF Fifth Order Bandpass Filter Using Cascaded Triplet CRLH-ZORs,” No. 5, p. 184.
Scogna, Antonio Ciccomancini and Jianmin Zhang
“Proper Stack-Up in a Multilayer PCB to Reduce Noise Coupling and Improve EMI,” No. 2, p. 70.
Tran, Thi Thu Nga, Chirn Chye Boon, Manh Anh Do and Kiat Seng Yeo
“An Input Matching Network Without Gain Trade-Off for a Low-Power CMOS LNA,” No. 9, p. 116.
Wang, Shumin, Hai Lu and C.J. Reddy
“A Four-Element “Clover” Transceiver Array for 3 Tesla Cardiac MRI,” No. 12, p. 70.
Williams, Lawrence, Matthew Commens and Steve Rousselle
“Advances in Radar Simulation Design,” No. 1, p. 84.
Xiao, Jian-Kang and Wen-Jun Zhu
“Non-Uniform Defected Microstrip Structure Lowpass Filter,” No. 5, p. 154.
Yang, Guang, Wei Liu, Falin Liu and Sheng Zhang
“A Cascaded Triplet SIW Bandpass Filter,” No. 11, p. 120.
Yousefzadeh, Yasin and Mohsen Hayati
“Compact Lowpass Filter with Wide Stopband Using a Tapered Microstrip Resonator Cell,” No. 3, p. 122.
Yun, Young
“A Miniaturized Multiple Coupled Line Power Divider Employing an R-C-R Isolation Circuit,” No. 3, p. 112.
Zhang, Sheng, Tian-Jian Bian, Yao Zhai, Wei Liu, Guang Yang and Fa-Lin Liu
“Quarter Substrate Integrated Waveguide Resonator Applied to Fractal-Shaped BPFs,” No. 5, p. 200.
Zhang, Xianrong, Qingyuan Wang, Jinhua Cao and AnJ Peng
“Design of a Compact Bandpass Filter with Capacity Loaded Ridged Waveguide,” No. 10, p. 124.

Brinton, Chris, Matthew Wharton and Allen Katz
“Design of a Passive, Broadband Equalizer for a SLED,” No. 10, p. 88.
Gasseling, Tony
“Compact Transistor Models: The Roadmap to First Pass Amplifier Design Success,” No. 3, p. 74.
Lim, Chin Leong
“Recovery Time of the Schottky-PIN Limiter,” No. 11, p. 66.
Mattheijssen, Paul
“Ultra-Low Noise Amplifiers Improve Cell Coverage and Reduce Costs,” No. 12, p. 80.
Maylock, Jim
“Cost Effective High Power E- and W-Band Amplifier MMICs,” No. 5, p. 170.
Robert, F., R. Leblanc, J. Moron, A. Gasmi, N. Santos and M. Rocchi
“E/D GaAs PHEMT Core Chips for Electronically Steerable Antennas,” No. 11, p. 98.
Victor, Alan and Walter Nagy
“PA Termination Impedance Selection Utilizing Temperature Contours,” No. 7, p. 88.
Wang, Cong, Won-Sang Lee and Nam-Young Kim
“Practical Integrated Passive Device Technology on GaAs,” No. 6, p. 94.
Zhao, Shiwei, Zongxi Tang and Ping Su
“Improved Linearity Doherty Amplifier Using Tunable Offset Line,” No. 5, p. 124.
Arbesser-Rastburg, Bertram and Ivar Bazzy
“Welcome to European Microwave Week 2012,” No. 9, p. 58.
Mumford, Richard
“Attending European Microwave Week 2012,” No. 9, p. 62.
Mumford, Richard
“The 2012 EuMW Defence, Security and Space Forum,” No. 9, p. 74.
Vye, David
“Companies Compete for Gold at EuMW,” No. 9, p. 78.

“RF Industry Apps Improve Efficiency,” No. 9, p. 36.
NYU Wireless
“Wireless Communications in the Massively® Broadband ERA,” No. 12, p. 46.
“Keep Assembly Closer to Home,” No. 5, p. 100.

Avenell, Brian
“Maximizing Receiver Dynamic Range for Spectrum Monitoring,” No. 10, p. 64.
Chen, Kang
“MIMO Beamforming and Its Impact on Testing TD-LTE,” No. 2, p. 96.
Damaskos, Nickander J., Benuel J. Kelsall and James E. Powell, Jr.
“Square Coaxial Lines and Materials Measurements,” No. 2, p. 104.
Hansen, John
“Techniques for Time Sidelobe Masurements with Pulse Compression Radar,” No. 6, p. 70.
Jue, Greg
“Tackling MIMO Design and Test Challenges for 802.11ac WLAN,” No. 3, p. 88.
Lu, Dingqing
“Testing Radar and EW Systems for the Real-World,” No. 7, p. 56.
Pierzchlewski, Jacek and Torben Larsen
“LTE Downlink Transmitter Simulation Using MATLAB,” No. 10, p. 136.
Roessler, Andreas and Sandra Merkel
“Carrier Aggregation: A Key Enabler for LTE-Advanced,” No. 11, p. 74.

Hindle, Patrick
“IMS 2012 Social Media Scene,” No. 5, p. 74.
Jerng, Albert
“RFIC 2012 General Chair’s Message,” No. 5, p. 66.
Schreurs, Dominique
“79th ARFTG Microwave Measurement Conference,” No. 5, p. 70.
Strand, David
“Microwave Life Savers: Small Companies at IMS That May Keep You Afloat,” No. 5, p. 272.
Vye, David
“Oh Canada,” No. 5, p. 28.
Weiler, James
“IMS 2012 MicroApps,” No. 5, p. 72.
Wu, Ke
“Bienvenue-Welcome to IMS 2012,” No. 5, p. 60.
Javelin Semiconductor
“3G Power Amplifiers: Moving from GaAs to CMOS,” No. 4, p. 44.
JSC Pluton
“Cold Cathode Magnetrons: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” No. 6, p. 48.
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG
“3D LDS Components for New Production Opportunities,” No. 2, p. 46.

“Integrated Microwave Test Solution,” No. 10, p. 38.
Agilent Technologies Inc.
“Signal Generators Provide Perfect and Precisely Imperfect Signals,” No. 5, p. 210.
Agilent Technologies Inc.
“Carrying Microwave Precision Into the Field,” No. 9, p. 162.
Amphenol RF
“Rugged Connectors for Harsh Environments,” No. 10, p. 166.
Analog Devices
“Half Watt Driver Amplifier with Dynamically Adjustable Bias,” No. 5, p. 226.
Analog Devices
“High-Performance 13 GHz PLL Synthesizer,”
No. 11, p. 28.
Anapico Ltd.
“Signal Source Analysis Up to 21 GHz,” No. 11, p. 130.
Anritsu Co.
“40 W PIM Analyzer Provides More Accurate Analysis,” No. 1, p. 42.
Anritsu Co.
“Monitor RF Power Anywhere in the World,” No. 4, p. 124.
“Robust Antenna Solutions for Maritime Surveillance Radar,” No. 1, p. 138.
AWR Corp.
“Analyst: Fully Integrated 3D EM Simulation” No. 12, p. 40.
Cobham Antenna Systems
“Equalized Cable Runs,” No. 3, p. 149.
Copper Mountain Technologies
“Small Vector Reflectometer,” No. 5, p. 240.
Crane Aerospace & Electronics
“L-Band Switch Matrix,” No. 8, p. 98.
Crane Aerospace & Electronics
“Space Qualified Image Reject Mixer,” No. 11, p. 136.
Cree Inc.
“50 and 100 W, X-Band Fully Matched Transistors,” No. 8, p. 56.
“Multi-User, Multi-Mission Remote Real-Time Spectrum Monitoring,” No. 8, p. 106.
Custom MMIC
“26 to 34 GHz Low Noise Amplifier MMIC,” No. 8, p. 110.
DaisyRS Inc.
“Wireless Power Meter,” No. 6, p. 114.
EB (Elektrobit)
“Compact Radio Channel Emulator for MIMO Verification,” No. 9, p. 168.
EB (Elektrobit)
“Exploit the Radio Channel for Improved MIMO Performance,” No. 5, p. 230.
Emblation Microwave
“A Portable USB-Controlled 2.45 GHz, 100 W Generator,” No. 2, p. 110.
Empower RF Systems Inc.
“Compact 1 kW Power Amplifiers,” No. 10, p. 172.
Ethertronics Inc.
“Innovative RF Front End,” No. 11, p. 30.
Freescale Semiconductor
“500 W Plastic Packaged Doherty Amplifier,” No. 6, p. 110.
Frontlynk Technologies Inc.
“High-Performance Surge Arresters,” No. 3, p. 44.
Harris Corp.
“Tri-Band VSAT Single Case Antenna,” No. 8, p. 60.
Hittite Microwave Corp.
“8 to 23 GHz, 500° Time Delay/Phase Shifter,” No. 1, p. 144.
Hittite Microwave Corp.
“DC to 28 GHz GaAs MMIC SPDT Switch,” No. 2, p. 116.
Hittite Microwave Corp.
“Single Chip AGC Solutions for Communications,” No. 5, p. 218.
Hittite Microwave Corp.
“Highly Integrated 60 GHz Radio Transceiver Chipset,” No. 7, p. 100.
“Multiport Connectors for Harsh Environments,” No. 3, p. 36.
“Thermal Vacuum Assemblies for Space Applications,” No. 8, p. 102.
“Low Loss Cable Family is Extended,” No. 12, p. 110.
iDirect Government Technologies
“High Performance Airborne Router for Critical Defense ISR,” No. 8, p. 64.
“New Thermal Solver for RF Applications,” No. 7, p. 114.
ITT Interconnect Solutions
“Lightweight Space Savings Interconnect,” No. 3, p. 46.
Jackson Labs Technologies Inc.
“GPS Disciplined Cesium Vapor Cell Local Oscillator,” No. 4, p. 116.
Lake Shore Cryotronics
“Improving Ultra-Low Cryogenic Temperature Measurements,” No. 12, p. 114.
Linear Technology Corp.
“I/Q Demodulator Eases Bandwidth Constraints,” No. 4, p. 38.
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG
“Micro-Material Processing in the Electronic Lab,” No. 3, p. 138.
Maury Microwave
“3.5 mm Precision Quick Test Adapter Speeds Connections,” No. 3, p. 32.
Maury Microwave
“Pulsed IV, Pulsed S-Parameters and Compact Transistor Models,” No. 4, p. 106.
Maury Microwave
“Precision and Lab Adapters,” No. 9, p. 176.
Mercury Computer Systems Inc.
“16 GHz Digital Frequency Discriminator with Phase Detection,” No. 1, p. 145.
“Ultra-Rel® Wideband Hermetic Ceramic Mixer,” No. 3, p. 148.
“Quick-Lock Test Cable with SMA Connector,” No. 3, p. 42.
“Wideband Synthesized Signal Generators,” No. 5, p. 238.
“High Gain, 1 to 4.2 Ghz Mixer,” No. 8, p. 68.
“Broadband Limiter,” No. 12, p. 118.
National Instruments
“Redefining Instrumentation with the Vector Signal Transceiver,” No. 8, p. 36.
“Nonlinear Starter Kit Supports Selection of 4-port VNAs,” No. 3, p. 144.
Norden Millimeter
“High Performance Broadband Converter and Receiver,” No. 10, p. 170.
Paricon Technologies Corp.
“High Performance Contact System,” No. 11, p. 140.
Pascall Electronics Ltd.
“Ultra-Low Noise 200 MHz to 3 GHz Signal Sources,” No. 10, p. 162.
Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.
“USB Style RF/Microwave Components,” No. 9, p. 180.
“GaN Switches Enable Hot Switching at Higher Power,” No. 1, p. 134.
Rohde & Schwarz
“Drive Test Software Offers Complete LTE MIMO Measurements,” No. 3, p. 142.
Rohde & Schwarz
“Fast, Reliable and Accurate EMI Test Receiver,” No. 11, p. 38.
“OSLT Calibration Kits with Extended Frequency Range,” No. 9, p. 178.
StratEdge Corp
“High Power IC Package,” No. 9, p. 181.
Synergy Microwave Corp. (Research GmbH)
“Ultra Low-Noise Crystal Oscillators,” No. 4, p. 112.
Synergy Microwave
“Ultra-Low Noise Dielectric Resonator Oscillator,” No. 12, p. 106.
TE Connectivity
“Cost-Effective SMA Family,” No. 3, p. 46.
Teledyne Storm Products
“New Strain Relief Extends Cable Assembly Life,” No. 3, p. 40.
Teseq AG
“Turnkey EMC Reverberation Chambers,” No. 10, p. 172.
Texas Instruments
“High-Speed DAC and ADC Family,” No. 2, p. 42.
Texas Instruments
“Five-in-One Wireless Connectivity Solutions,” No. 6, p. 44.
Texas Instruments
“A New Class of Amplifier, Programmable Differential Amplifiers,” No. 11, p. 26.
Times Microwave Systems
“MaxGain Cables,” No. 11, p. 138.
TriQuint Semiconductor
“Dual-Band PADs for Next-Gen Mobile Devices,” No. 4, p. 126.
TriQuint Semiconductor
“Ka-Band VSAT Chipset Family,” No. 9, p. 172.
W. L. Gore & Associates Inc.
“Rugged High-Performance VNA Cable Assemblies,” No. 10, p. 158.
Wenzel Associates Inc.
“1 to 650 MHz Ultra Low Noise OCXOs,” No. 7, p. 108.
X-COM Systems
“6 GHz Instantaneous BW RF Record and Playback System,” No. 1, p. 146.

Aeroflex / Weinschel
“Decades of Innovation: Past, Present and Future,” No. 12, p. 92.
Cobham Antennas, on behalf of the BuNGee Project Consortium
“Beyond Next Generation Mobile Broadband: BuNGee,” No. 1, p. 70.
Coleman, Martin
“Tackling Satellite Interference,” No. 8, p. 58.
Giofre, R., L. Piazzon, P. Colantonio and F. Giannini
“Being Seventy-Five Still Young: The Doherty Power Amplifier,” No. 4, p. 72.
Jamsa, Tommi and Juha Ylitalo
“Trends in Wireless Testing,” No. 3, p. 60.
Muller, Andrei, Dan C. Dascalu, Pablo Soto and Vicente E. Boria
“The 3D Smith Chart and Its Practical Applications,” No. 7, p. 64.
Mumford, Richard
“Mobile World Congress Review,” No. 5, p. 106.
Mumford, Richard
“Microwaves in Europe: Winning Ways?,” No. 9, p. 86.
Sheffres, Carl
“Microwave Journal 2.0,” No. 1, p. 22.
Swonger, James, Peter Bacon and Gary Wu
“Silicon-on-Sapphire Process Technology Enables Low-Power RF Designs,” No. 10, p. 144.
Turner, Stephen D. and Tom Dekker
“SSPA Technology Achieves 10 kW CW at S-Band,” No. 10, p. 152.
Vye, David
“DesignCon Heroes,” No. 1, p. 24.
Vye, David
“MIMO…and All That Jazz,” No. 4, p. 50.
Vye, David
“Eye on EDI CON,” No. 6, p. 20.
Vye, David
“Eye on EDI CON,” No. 7, p. 20.
Vye, David
“IMS 2012 By the Numbers,” No. 8, p. 76.
Vye, David
“Eye on EDI CON,” No. 9, p. 20.
Vye, David
“EDI CON Technology Matters,” No. 10, p. 20.
Vye, David
“Technology Trends,” No. 11, p. 20.
Vye, David
“The Year That Was…,” No. 12, p. 22.

Fraser, Sandy
“Toward Full Coverage Voice Over LTE,” No. 11, p. 12.
Giles, Dave and Sean Thompson
“Reducing the Cost of SIGINT ISR Test,” No. 8, p. 26.
Hansen, John
“The Ins and Outs of Microwave Signal Capture and Playback,” No. 8, p. 48.
Hindle, Patrick
“Wireless Trends to Look For at MWC 2013,” No. 11, p. 4.
Keeley, Michael
“LTE-Advanced: The Challenges and Opportunities of “True 4G”,” No. 11, p. 18.
Kopp, Carlo
“Evolution of AESA Radar Technology,” No. 8, p. 6.
Ouzillou, Mendy and Arwyn Roberts
“Linearization and High-Efficiency RF Design Techniques for Small Cells,” No. 11, p. 22.
Pino, Paul
“The Importance of Knowing Your Cable Constraints,” No. 3, p. 20.
Remcom Inc.
“Using Electromagnetic Simulation to Ensure EMC Compliance,” No. 3, p. 26.
San-tron Inc.
“What’s All This PIM Stuff Anyways?,” No. 3, p. 30.
Vye, David
“2012 RF Connector and Cable Assembly Outlook,” No. 3, p. 6.
Wolle, Jochen and Rainer Lenz
“Emulation Provides a Cost-Effective Strategy for Replacing Obsolete Instruments in ATEs,” No. 8, p. 38.

Agilent Technologies Inc.
“Why Engineers Ignore Cable Loss,” No. 3, p. 44.
Muro, Bob
“The Importance of Peak Power Measurements for Radar Systems,” No. 1, p. 126.