Microwave Journal

Maury Microwave launches low-profile and TVAC Stability cable assemblies

November 30, 2012

Maury Microwave announces the expansion of its Stability™ family of amplitude- and phase-stable cable assemblies to include Low-Profile (-LP) and Thermal Vacuum (-TVAC) models.

Stability™ Low Profile Cable Assemblies have been designed for high-density applications such as switch matrices and PXI/PXIe/AXIe cards, as well as wafer-probe applications where traditional cable assemblies might cause interference due to cable and connector size. Stability Low Profile Cable Assemblies offer the same electrical performance in an assembly that is 44 percent smaller and 66 percent lighter, and are available with 3.5mm and 2.92mm connectors.

Stability™ TVAC Cable Assemblies have been designed for measurements in a thermal vacuum environment for space product testing. TVAC cable assemblies connect components or satellites located in thermal test chambers to systems and instruments outside. Stability TVAC Cable Assemblies offer the same electrical and mechanical performance with specialized vented 2.92mm connectors that meet low outgassing requirements of ESA-PSS-01-702 with a TML < 1 percent and CVCM < 0.1 percent.

More information regarding Stability™ cable assemblies can be found here.