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High Power IC Package

September 14, 2012

High Power IC Package

StratEdge has developed the LL family of leaded laminate copper-moly-copper (CMC) base packages that dissipates heat from high power compound semiconductor devices, such as gallium nitride (GaN), gallium arsenide (GaAs) and silicon carbide (SiC). These packages handle applications through 6 GHz for use in RF radios for communications, radar and high power millimeter-wave signals.

The series includes two laminate power packages, both with a ratio of 1:3:1 CMC, which provides a good thermal match for alumina-based materials and a GaN chip. The LL802302 is 0.8" (20.32 mm) long × 0.23" (5.84 mm) wide with two leads and a raised lid with an epoxy seal. This is a flange package with a bolt hole on each end so the package can be bolted to the printed circuit board. The LL362302 is a flangeless, fully hermetic version of the LL802302 package, and has a flat ceramic lid. StratEdge offers both flange and flangeless styles to accommodate manufacturing processes to either bolt down or solder the package. Hermeticity is especially critical in aerospace and defense applications.

StratEdge’s new laminate power packages solve thermal problems encountered when using GaN devices.  The excellent thermal conductivity of the CMC base enables use of GaN devices in high power applications, and the flange package facilitates manufacturing.

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