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The 2012 EuMW Defence, Security and Space Forum

September 14, 2012

This is a full-day forum, focusing on space and defence issues, incorporating the EuRAD Opening Session and featuring the EuMW Defence and Security Executive Forum. Attendance is FREE and open to all EuMW 2012 conference delegates, exhibitors and visitors.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012, 08:30 to 19:00
The Auditorium, Amsterdam RAI
Conference and Exhibition Centre

Defence and security impacts all levels – international, cross border, regional and on individual citizens. Threats can come from land, sea or air and can be enacted by armies or a single terrorist. To combat such diverse dangers and protect lives, national and international defence and security agencies define and instigate policies, academia and research engineers strive to develop new and improved technologies and industry endeavours to efficiently and cost effectively bring them to market. Political, budgetary and technological constraints influence decision making, timescales and final implementation.

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To put these issues into perspective and analyze and discuss how they are being addressed in Europe and beyond, a full-day forum will focus on the defence and security sector. This year, special emphasis is being placed on space and defence issues, giving the event its title of the 2012 EuMW Defence, Security and Space Forum.

Following the format that attracted over 350 attendees in Manchester last year, the forum will again offer delegates the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and experience of representatives from government defence/space agencies and leading defence/space contractors, who will provide insight into how their organizations view future developments in space and defence and the role of technology in addressing these developments.

The Forum Format

The Early Morning Session will focus on defence, security and space from an industrial perspective and consider the application of the microwave technology that is being developed to address the important issues of the day. The approach of industry to the challenges being faced will be the focus of a panel session that will feature experts from National Instruments, RFMD, Rohde & Schwarz and TriQuint Semiconductor.

The Late Morning Session incorporates the EuRAD Opening Session into the EuMW Defence, Security and Space Forum for the first time. It will set the scene for the conference and offer an overview of prevalent defence and security issues as well as the latest technologies deployed.

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As in 2011, the Lunch and Learn Session will be given by Strategy Analytics and is titled Military Satellite Trends and Outlook.  The session will include market analysis and industry trends for the military satellite market.

The Afternoon Session will consider how RF systems for space contribute to a safer and more secure world. Via tutorials, industry and agency experts will give an insight into the latest developments. An ESA astronaut who spent time in the International Space Station will talk about hisexperience in the first presentation of the session.

The Evening Executive Forum will, as usual, feature executives from space and defence agencies and leading defence/space contractors who will consider the issues that their organizations are currently addressing and the role that technology has to play. The Executive Forum will conclude with an open panel discussion with questions from the floor. The day’s proceedings will conclude with a cocktail reception that will give delegates the unique opportunityto discuss the issues raised in an informal setting.

Registration and Updates

Attendance is FREE and open to all EuMW 2012 conference delegates, exhibitors and visitors. However, to help with logistics and planning, those wishing to attend the 2012 EuMW Defence, Security and Space Forum are asked to pre-register. To do so, visit www.eumweek.com/2012/Special.asp and click on Register Now. As information is formalized, the Conference Special Events section of the EuMW website will give details of the speakers for all sessions and will be updated on a regular basis.

The full schedule and event information is available at http://www.eumweek.com/2012/se_Forum.asp.