Microwave Journal

Catalog Update

January 28, 2004

Product Data Sheet

This data sheet provides complete detail on the precision noise system series, AU3200. The data sheet highlights the AU3200's complete noise characterization, system configuration and PNS in-fixture or on-wafer testing support and how to achieve maximum accuracy. Product photographs, ordering information and preliminary system specifications are also provided.

ACCO USA Corp., Littleton, MA (978) 486-4788, www.acco-usa.com. Circle No. 310

Company Brochure

This brochure details the company's services and capabilities that consist of precision lapping and polishing of ceramics and metals. The company has developed several techniques that achieve extremely tight tolerances with repeatability and consistency from piece to piece. The quality control methodologies for the products and a material specification comparison graph are also included.

Accumet Engineering Corp., Hudson, MA (978) 568-8311, www.accumet.com. Circle No. 311

RF Power Product Catalog

This product catalog displays the company's focus on non-cellular/PCS high power silicon RF and microwave power transistors. The catalog features product roadmaps in avionics, L-band radar, S-band radar and pulsed LDMOS applications that are intended to provide products that set the performance standard in each of these market niches.

Advanced Power Technology RF, Santa Clara, CA (408) 986-8031, www.advancedpower.com. Circle No. 312

Short Form Catalog

This short form catalog highlights the company's filter product line of rugged and built to meet stringent military or commercial specifications. The products include low pass, high pass, bandpass and bandstop filters as well as diplexers, dual-band diplexers and bandpass filters for the wireless industry. This short form catalog provides a basic introduction to the company's capabilities.

Anatech Electronics Inc., Garfield, NJ (973) 772-4242, www.ana-tech.com. Circle No. 313

Product Catalog

This catalog highlights the company's microwave components and systems products. The catalog displays a market sector section that includes an outline of each industry in which the company's products are utilized. Among these industries are the aeronautic and space sector, radar for civil and military, and the telecommunications industry. The catalog highlights waveguides, components and subsystems and services offered by the company.

Chelton Telecom and Microwave, Grigny, France +33 (0)1 69 02 25 60, www.c-tm.com. Circle No. 314

Communications Products

This 71-page catalog presents the company's broad product spectrum that covers SONET, digital radio, datacom, LMDS, wireless and wired systems applications. Products include digital phase-locked clock regenerators to 40 GHz, clock and data recovery modules to 10 Gb/s, clock recovery modules to 40 Gb/s, free running and phase-locked dielectric resonator oscillators, frequency synthesizers, voltage-controlled oscillators and integrated assemblies.

Communication Techniques Inc., Whippany, NJ (973) 884-2580, www.cti-inc.com. Circle No. 315

Company Brochure

This brochure outlines the manufacturing of the company's absorber materials, the design and installation of anechoic chambers for all RF and EMC applications, and full turn key solutions. In addition, the brochure provides a broad line of specialty absorber products based on magnetic and dielectric lossy materials.

Cuming Microwave Corp., Avon, MA (508) 580-2660, www.cumingmw.com. Circle No. 316

Microwave Components

This 85-page catalog provides complete data for the company's thin and thick film passive devices for the military, space and commercial markets. Products include the Thermopad® line of temperature variable attenuators, fixed attenuators, SmartLoad® power sensing terminations, surface-mount, chip and pill terminations, and SloWave™ SMT delay lines.

EMC Technology Inc., Stuart, FL (800) 544-5594, www.emct.com. Circle No. 317

RF Components

This 132-page catalog details the company's RF component products including high quality thin film resistive products and high performance couplers for military, space and commercial applications. Specifications, electrical performance and outline drawing data are provided for line of terminations, attenuators, resistors, hybrid couplers, directional couplers and film cards.

Florida RF Labs Inc., Stuart, FL (800) 544-5594, www.rflabs.com. Circle No. 319

Components and Subsystems

This catalog presents the company's RF and microwave components that supply parts to the military, industrial and commercial markets. The product line consists of components and subsystems in the 10 MHz to 50 GHz range, such as GaAs FET amplifiers, detectors, limiters, switches, comb generators, multipliers, harmonic mixers, ferrite isolators and circulators, downconverters and integrated subassemblies.

Herotek Inc., San Jose, CA (408) 941-8399, www.herotek.com. Circle No. 320

Custom Solutions Brochure

This brochure describes the company's custom RFIC/MMIC, MCM and subassembly design, manufacturing and screening capabilities for military, space and Hi-Rel commercial applications. To meet mission critical requirements, the company works with customers to select the most appropriate semiconductor and packaging technologies to deliver a reliable, cost-effective product.

Hittite Microwave Corp., Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343, www.hittite.com. Circle No. 321

Receiver System Data Sheet

This data sheet provides complete detail on the modular HF receiver system, model 3100. The model is designed for surveillance and monitoring of RF communications in the frequency range of 10 kHz to 30 MHz. A product photograph, architecture, features, a system block diagram, analog RF module, digital firewire module, specifications, direction finding and applications are also provided.

Interad Ltd., Melfa, VA (757) 787-7610, www.interadlimited.com. Circle No. 322

Product Portfolio

This product brochure highlights the company's integrated assemblies for defense and commercial applications. The product portfolio includes wideband digital receivers at IF frequencies up to 2 GHz and multifunction assemblies up to 60 GHz for defense applications. The products offer performance with the high reliability and the low cost associated with automated manufacturing in-house capabilities.

LNX Corp., Salem, NH (603) 898-6800, www.lnxcorp.com. Circle No. 323

RF Components Catalog

This product catalog features a sample of over 4000 product designs and includes the company's latest RF passive product release for its isolators, circulators and custom waveguide assemblies. The products cover frequency ranges from 300 MHz to 40 GHz and offer good insertion loss, SWR, temperature performance and IMD.

M2 Global Technology Ltd., San Antonio, TX (210) 561-4800, www.m2global.com. Circle No. 324

Product/Capability Catalog

This catalog provides the company's antenna and microwave products and capabilities. The catalog details an overview of the company while also highlighting past and current customers. The catalog highlights its antennas, radomes and FSS, microwave and photonic devices, RF simulation software, measurement systems, and facilities and capabilities. Typical performance characteristics and specifications are also provided.

Mission Research Corp., Dayton, OH (800) 844-8695, www.mission.com. Circle No. 325

Company Brochure

This brochure features the company's MI-3000 Version 3.0 family of automated microwave measurement workstations and software. The family covers test and measurement applications for the open-architecture products including antennas, radomes and radar cross-section. Other options include planar, spherical and near-field measurements, ground plane and reflectivity analysis.

MI Technologies, Duluth, GA (800) 854-3660, www.mi-technologies.com. Circle No. 326

Product Catalog

This catalog provides an overview of the company's core design, process and manufacturing capabilities along with product specifications and drawings for major product lines: filters, oscillators and RF integrated assemblies. All products are custom designed to meet customer needs. The products are actively used in both defense and commercial markets.

Networks International Corp., Overland Park, KS (913) 685-3400, www.nickc.com.Circle No. 327

Repair/Services Brochure

This brochure illustrates the company's magnetron repair and rebuilding services. The brochure highlights the machine shop and process for replacing a bad cathode and filament, vacuum return test bay and cathode test station. The brochure also describes initiating the rebuild of a large magnetron and high power test set-up. A list of repairable magnetrons is also provided.

Radio Research Instrument Co. Inc., Waterbury, CT (203) 753-5840, www.radioresearch.thomasregister.com. Circle No. 328

Product Catalog

This catalog contains information on the company's high frequency coaxial connector product lines, test accessories and test components for high precision applications in test and measurement. New is the RPC-2.40 series of precision connectors that has a 2.4 mm outer contact diameter and good electrical characteristics.

Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co., Fridolfing, Germany +49 (0) 8684 18 263, www.rosenberger.de. Circle No. 329

Product Brochure

This brochure contains a compilation of data sheets that feature the company's product line of MEMS filters and solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA). The micro-machined filter product line provides a combination of compact size and high performance from 9 to 60 GHz. The SSPAs are highly compact configurations that offer complete system based functionalities and are custom tailored to meet specific needs.

Sophia Wireless Inc., Chantilly, VA (703) 961-9573, www.sophiawireless.com. Circle No. 330

Design Guide

This 16-page design guide is for use by managers and technicians who are responsible for soldering feedthrus into microwave packages. The guide provides in-depth problems, causes and solutions to the ten most common soldering pitfalls installers encounter. Issues such as solder crystallization, blow holes, airline obstructions and solder voids are clearly detailed.

Thunderline-Z, Hampstead, NH (603) 329-4050, www.thunderlinez.com. Circle No. 331