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Celebrating ROG Award Contest Winners at IMS 2012

July 17, 2012

Celebrating ROG Award Contest Winners at IMS 2012


The ROG Award Contest kicked off in November 2011. We invited customers to enter the contest by telling us about their applications using Rogers’ materials.  For the next several months, customers shared stories about their Best Digital Application, Most Challenging Board Build, Most Unique and Creative Use of Material, Most Innovative Design, Longest Product Life, and Most Extreme Conditions, all accomplished together with Rogers’ materials.  One winning application was chosen for each category. 


Winners were announced during the Rogers Customer Appreciation Event at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS-MTTS) in Montreal. Guests enjoyed food, games, giveaways and prizes while awaiting the announcement of the six ROG Contest winners.  Rogers President and CEO Bruce Hoechner attended the event and presented ROG awards to contest winners.  In addition to the crystal ROG award, winners are being featured in Rogers’ full page winners’ ad in Microwave Journal and will also receive a ½ page ad for their company in Microwave Journal.


The Rogers Customer Appreciation Event was a great opportunity for us to celebrate our shared history and success with those who have made it possible: our customers.  Thank you to all ROG Award Contest applicants and congratulations to our winners!  See you next year in Seattle!