Microwave Journal

IEEE IMS-MTT 2012 MegaPhase preview

June 4, 2012

MegaPhase is an industry leader and innovator in design, manufacturing and marketing of coaxial cables for RF and Microwave applications DC-110 GHz. 

At the 60th anniversary of IEEE IMS-MTT, MegaPhase will showcase its industry leading T&M and Systems product line: RF Orange®, VN Series, Warrior Cable®, Phase3™, and GrooveTube®. This year MegaPhase will also introduce new and advanced products to their existing line: Probe Station Test Cables, RF Green: Eco-Friendly T&M Cable, 110GHz Semi-Rigid cables and Precision Test Adapters. See the benefits of MegaPhase’s cable assemblies as well as the future of MegaPhase. Join MegaPhase at booth #2721 and enter for a chance to win an iPad.