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Eye on EDI CON

June 14, 2012

Eye on EDI CON

Last month, Microwave Journal and Horizon House announced the launch of the annual Electronic Design Innovations Conference – EDI CON, to take place in Beijing in 2013. Prior to launch, we presented our concepts for an industry-driven conference to a handful of companies that are at the forefront of new technology and frequently discuss their work in the Journal, in webinars and at conferences. The response has been overwhelmingly positive as these companies have committed to support the event financially and with technical content. Both types of support will prove critical to the event’s success – for delegates, sponsors, and exhibitors alike.

With its focus on practical education for RF/microwave and high-speed digital designers, the EDI CON technical program will be developed through this collaboration with industry, with the goal of providing timely and useful technical information to working engineers. Under the guidance of the Microwave Journal editorial staff, an EDI CON technical advisory committee consisting of experts from a variety of specialized areas is currently being organized.

The technical advisory committee will solicit invited papers from well-respected technologists among EDI CON sponsors/participants, industry luminaries, regular MWJ contributors and Chinese academics. Many of the advisory committee members are Chinese nationals working for international companies. Leveraging their native status and in-country connections will help EDI CON technical advisors select the highest quality technical papers and ensure relevance to a local audience. In addition, EDI CON has announced a Call for Papers to the Chinese engineering community at large. Over the years, Microwave Journal has published many papers from academic circles in China and EDI CON will give accepted speakers the opportunity to present their material in a conference setting.

Microwave Journal and its parent company, Horizon House have a long and successful history of managing major trade events such as IMS and EuMW, as well as industry related pavilions within mega-shows, such as the RF/Microwave, M2M and Mobile Backhaul Zones at CTIA. Over the past few years, the Journal has been organizing technical tracks in partnership with industry leading companies at each one of these conferences. We now believe the time is right to expand the format to encompass an entire show.

Imagine EDI CON representing this entire magazine as a live event - with the technical articles, cover stories, and special reports co-existing side by side with the latest product information from industry. There will be considerable benefits to gathering together our readers, authors and advertisers in one place to share their knowledge, discuss their needs and connect individuals to technical solutions and business opportunities. That is our vision for EDI CON, an event whose content and participants will directly reflect what we offer in this magazine, online and through our webinars every month of the year.  Visit www.ediconchina.com for more information.