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Agilent's Advanced Design System selected by Comtech EF Data


April 26, 2012

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced that Comtech EF Data, a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp., has selected Advanced Design System software for use in developing RF and microwave circuits for high-performance satellite communications systems.

Comtech designs and manufactures an assortment of satellite communications equipment that is deployed in commercial and government applications around the world. Satellite communications systems require leading-edge performance and high reliability.

ADS is a broad-ranging circuit and system design platform. It provides a comprehensive suite of simulation and analysis tools for the high-frequency designer, including parametric tuning and optimization, and a full set of yield and sensitivity analysis tools. Comtech will leverage these extensive capabilities to ensure its designs meet the performance and reliability criteria demanded by its customers.

“One of the key reasons we chose ADS was its capacity to accurately co-simulate across the DSP/RF boundary — a clear-cut advantage compared to other tools we had evaluated,” said Tibi Artzi, unit manager with Comtech EF Data. “ADS’s ability to handle linearization design of power amplifiers that are used in proprietary and next-generation systems will substantially increase our competitive advantage in the satellite communications marketplace. This capability, along with the other best-in-class analysis offerings (like EM analysis) that ADS integrates into one platform, made ADS the obvious choice for our needs.”

“Comtech’s engineers have a uniquely challenging set of tasks due to the often-proprietary nature of high-performance satellite communications systems and the high reliability that is needed for hardware design,” said Joe Civello, ADS product manager for Agilent EEsof EDA. “We are delighted that Comtech trusts the capabilities of ADS and has decided to use it for design work in this particularly demanding market.”

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