Microwave Journal

Plessey Semiconductors sensor product of UK’s NanoKTN project

March 12, 2012

The UK’s Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN) announced details of a product developed by Plessey Semiconductors, as part of a project co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), with support from the NanoKTN and JEMI UK. Plessey Semiconductors used the funding to support the development of its latest product range, the Electric Potential Integrated Circuit (EPIC) sensor, which can be used as an ECG sensor, and promote its product directly to key audiences and potential end-users, vital in the early stages of the product's marketing.

The NanoKTN's primary aim is to encourage collaboration and knowledge transfer between key players in industry, as well as start-ups and SMEs. The NanoKTN is dedicated to helping its members understand how to write a successful proposal and identify suitable partnerships for collaborative work. The aim of the Precision Passive Component Design and Manufacture in Micro Module Electronics project (PPM2), which was co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board, was to encourage the integration of precision passive components into advanced packaging schemes, enabling improved product performance.

To promote the product and outcomes from the project, Plessey Semiconductors and JEMI UK, organised a technical visit to its facilities in Plymouth to disseminate outcomes from the PPM2 project and to launch the EPIC sensor. The meeting enabled delegates to discuss opportunities for the UK supply chain and IC manufactures to utilise these techniques in their own devices. 

The NanoKTN played a key role in disseminating results from the PPM2 project and encouraged a number of potential end-users for Plessey's products developed through the programme, to attend the event and hear more about the potential benefits. By disseminating the outcomes to key audiences via the NanoKTN's website and the NanoKTN's extensive database of contacts, key target audiences were brought together in a personal setting to network and develop business relationships.

"Building relationships and contacts within relevant industries is vital to companies in the early stages of commercial development, enabling them to build connections and to raise their profile nationally and overseas. We hope that by helping to disseminate outcomes from this project, that UK businesses will come together and look at ways of using the intelligence gathered throughout the programme," explained Dr Alec Reader, Director at the NanoKTN.