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Ultra-Rel® Wideband Hermetic Ceramic Mixer

March 15, 2012

Ultra-Rel® Wideband Hermetic Ceramic Mixer

The MAC-80MH+ from Mini-Circuits is an LTCC double balanced mixer operating from 2800 to 8000 MHz, in a hermetic ceramic surface-mount package. LO power is +13 dBm with a low conversion loss of 5.8 dB typical, high L-R isolation of 29 dB typical and IP3 of 16 dB typical. The IF frequency range is DC to 1250 MHz. Maximum ratings for operating and storage temperatures are −55°to 100°C, maximum RF power is 200 mW and maximum IF current is 40 mA.

The mixer is hermetically sealed, aqueous washable, low profile (0.060") and RoHS compliant in accordance with EU Directive (2011/65/EU). Typical applications include satellite up and down converters, line of sight links, and defense communications.

The MAC ceramic hermetic mixer lineup now covers a frequency range from 0.3 to 12 GHz, and LO levels from 4 to 17 dBm. This Mini-Circuits product family delivers broadband performance suitable for instrumentation, with an ultra-reliable, ultra-low-profile case that meets or exceeds aerospace and military ground requirements for hermeticity, thermal shock, vibration, acceleration and more. They are well suited for military use and anywhere long-term reliability is needed such as high moisture areas, busy production lines, high-speed distribution centers, heavy industry, outdoor settings and unmanned facilities.

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