Microwave Journal

3-Dimensional Design


February 29, 2012

InterceptIntercept Technology Inc.® announces that development is under way for 3-dimensional design in Pantheon. Immediately following the announcement of Pantheon 7, a redesigned user interface version of Intercept Technology Inc.’s advanced PCB/Hybrid/RF layout software, this latest development continues to reinforce Intercept’s tenacity in the EDA marketplace.

The 3D environment will be directly embedded into the main software drawing routines so that all aspects of layout design can be accomplished in a three dimensional view at any time the user chooses. Much more than an informational viewer, the 3D environment will empower designers to place, route, and make design edits directly in the 3-dimensional view. The 3D development is making great strides, and is currently expected to be available toward the end of 2012.

“Intercept’s Engineering department is on fire with activity right now,” says John Towers, engineering manager. “The Pantheon 7 user interface project was the gateway to breaking the Intercept product line into the realms we’ve been aiming for, and we expect to turn the competition on its head this year.”

In celebration of Pantheon 7’s release, Intercept is now offering special migration pricing for Altium Designer®, Cadence® and Mentor Graphics® environments. With Intercept’s powerful import translators for schematic, layout, and library, migration time is reduced to a minimum. Additionally, with Intercept’s unified and easy to use software applications, new users can be up and running in a matter of days.