Microwave Journal

Giga-tronics Power Meter

January 17, 2011

8650B_100The Giga-tronics 8650B series universal power meters have the extensive measurement capabilities and unique features required to test today’s sophisticated communications systems faster and more accurately.

The 8650B can measure the CW power, peak power and average power of TDMA, GSM, and CDMA signals. CW measurement speeds (readings/second) over GPIB are > 1,750 and modulated measurement speeds are > 300. And the meter includes many time saving features such as automatic time gate setting, direct crest factor measurement, and statistical power measurement analysis.

Giga-tronics diode sensors provide speed, dynamic range, and accuracy over a 90 dB range with power levels from -70 dBm (100 pW) up to +47 dBm (50 W) and frequency ranges from 10 MHz to 50 GHz and modulation bandwidths up to 10 MHz.

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