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ZN4PD1-63W+ Coaxial Power Splitter/Combiner

January 17, 2011

ZN4PD1-63Wsplit-combCoaxial Power Splitter/Combiner 4 Way-0° 50Ω 250 to 6000 MHz

The Big Deal
• Wideband performance
• Low amplitude and phase unbalance
• Good insertion loss

Product Overview
This 4-way, in-phase splitter and combiner covers a wide frequency range between 250-6000MHz, making this splitter now suitable for GPS, GSM, DCS and PCS frequency bands, in addition to WiFi, Bluetooth and 802.11a uses. This model also features good insertion loss and amplitude and phase unbalance, and is packaged in a 3.5”x 4.5” enclosure with built-in SMA connectors for ease of use.

Feature 1: Operating over a very wide bandwidth from 250MHz to 6000MHz
Advantage: The very wide bandwidth performance of the ZN4PD1-63W+ enables this splitter/combiner to be used in a wide range of applications including broadband systems such as test, measurement and defense/aerospace. However this model covers a variety of narrow band applications including GSM, GPS, DCS and PCS applications, in addition to WiFi, Bluetooth, 802.11a, U-NII and ISM applications.

Feature 2: Good insertion loss
Advantage: With typical insertion loss of only 1.0dB above the splitter loss up to 4GHz, this splitter supports medium power signal distribution applications where loss is critical.

Feature 3: Good amplitude and phase performance
Advantage: Typical amplitude unbalance of 0.2dB and phase unbalance of 2° make this splitter ideal for parallel path/multichannel systems.

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