Microwave Journal

ATN3590-00 Fixed Attenuator Pads

January 17, 2011

FxAttPad_680_100Skyworks Solutions, Inc. has introduced a family of ultra-wideband fixed attenuator pads with a unique through-die via and split ground configuration that provide improved high frequency return loss, attenuation tolerance, flatness, and power handling performance. Attenuation pad values from 0 to 30 dB, and operation to 40 GHz, make these devices well suited for broadband power-level adjustment applications in microwave and millimeter wave radios, radars, EW/ECM equipment, and test equipment. In addition, these novel attenuator die solutions assist microwave communications equipment OEMs, and microwave system designers with the manufacture of higher performance hybrid microcircuit assemblies for both military and commercial applications.

The ATN3590 family of fixed resistive attenuators are integrated circuits comprising thin film resistors and through-die vias that provide excellent attenuation flatness from low frequency to 40 GHz or higher. These attenuators are available from 0 to 30 dB.

The ATN3590 attenuator family is optimized for surface mounting on co-planar waveguide or microstrip printed circuit boards. Bond wires or ribbons are used to connect the input and output ports of the attenuators to the external circuit transmission lines. Connection to ground is accomplished by through-die vias to the die backside metallization.

The dice are attached using eutectic solder or conductive epoxy and can operate over a temperature range of –65 °C to 150 °C.

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