Microwave Journal

Tunable Filters

January 17, 2011

MTT-S Booth 2105

Hittiteā€™s 25th product line, tunable filters, are ideal for pre-selection in multi-band communication systems, wideband radar, & test and measurement equipment.

The HMC881LP5E and HMC882LP5E are seventh-order, low-pass filters with adjustable cut-off frequencies and 35 dB stop-band rejection out beyond 30 GHz. A voltage control signal provides continuous adjustment of passband cut-off.

The HMC890LP5E and HMC891LP5E are third-order, band-pass filters with independent voltage-controlled adjustment of pass-band frequency and bandwidth. The BPFs maintain 30 dB of stop-band rejection out to 9 GHz, and both filter types exhibit 10 dB of return loss.