Microwave Journal

ZFSWA2-63DR+ Switch

January 17, 2011

Absorptive SPDT Solid State RF Switch Features: • Wide bandwidth 0.5-6.0GHz, • Very high isolation, 65 dB at 1GHz, • Very fast switching, 35 ns, • Rugged case with internal hermetically sealed ceramic semiconductor module.

Product Overview
The ZFSWA2-63DR+ is a great general purpose SPDT solid state absorptive RF switch. With its broad frequency range, fast 35 ns switching time and excellent RF performance, the ZFSWA2-63DR+ is an excellent choice for many applications. In addition to it’s versatility within system block diagrams, the ZFSWA2-63DR+ is designed for easy integration into your prototype design applications.

Pricing: $69.95 (QTY 1-9)