Microwave Journal

Type N T Connectors UG-28A/U & UG-107B/U

January 17, 2011

New Technique Creates Improved Type N T Connectors

These Type N T connectors, UG-28A/U and UG-107B/U, are manufactured with a unique counterbore innovation. San-tron has replaced the miter-cut joining technique with a counterbore joining technique. The counterbore technique saves both time and money in the manufacturing process, benefits of which are transferred to the consumer in the form of low prices.

The Type N T adapters are rated for operating voltages of 1000V RMS and have a maximum dielectric withstanding voltage of 2500V RMS at 60 Hz at sea level. Available in both male and female versions, the Ts are designed for a temperature range of -65°C to +165°C and meet interface standards in accordance with MIL-STD-348.

The T adapters are manufactured with PTFE dielectric material and feature gold and silver center contacts for ideal connectivity. They are available in albaloy, nickel, and silver body finishes.

Pricing for San-tron 0410-38 and 0410-39 T connectors start at $5.70 and $6.20 @ quantities of 3,000+, respectively. (Prices may vary depending on material costs at time of purchase.) Delivery: stock to 6 weeks.