Microwave Journal

HMC695LP4E, HMC-C056, HMC-XTB110

January 17, 2011

New Active and Passive Multipliers to 90 GHz. Ideal for Microwave & Millimeterwave Radio, Clock Generation & Test Equipment Applications.

Chelmsford, MA, 3/12/09 – Hittite Microwave Corporation, the world class supplier of complete MMIC based solutions for communication & military markets, has introduced three new GaAs MMIC Frequency Multipliers, which allow designers to address multiple bands between 8 and 90 GHz. These Frequency Multipliers also provide excellent fundamental and sub-harmonic suppression in a wide range of applications including clock generation, E-band communications, fiber optics, point-to-point microwave radio, VSAT, military, space, radar and test equipment.

The HMC695LP4E is an Active x4 Frequency Multiplier which utilizes InGaP GaAs HBT technology and provides continuous output frequency coverage from 11.4 to 13.2 GHz. The HMC695LP4E draws only 60 mA from a +5V supply, and typically provides +7 dBm of output power, while exhibiting minimal variation with respect to input power, temperature and supply voltage. Suppression of undesired fundamental and sub-harmonics is greater than 25 dBc with respect to the output signal level. The HMC695LP4E provides low additive SSB phase noise of -140 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset, which contributes to excellent overall system noise performance. Ideal for use in LO multiplier chains, the HMC695LP4E is specified for operation from -40C to +85ºC, and is offered in a RoHS compliant 4x4 mm leadless SMT package.

The HMC-C056 is a GaAs PHEMT x2 Active broadband frequency multiplier module which provides +14 dBm of output power from 8 to 21 GHz, when driven by a +6 dBm input signal. The HMC-C056 provides Fo isolation of 16 dBc at 15 GHz, and exhibits low additive SSB phase noise of -142 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset. Ideal for use in LO multiplier chains for microwave radio, laboratory and test equipment applications, the HMC-C056 can also be used to extend the frequency range of the HMC-T2000 Synthesized Signal Generator to 16 GHz. The HMC-C056 miniature connectorized hermetic module is specified for operation over the -55 to +85ºC temperature range.

The HMC-XTB110 is a Passive x3 Frequency Multiplier chip which replaces the HMC-XTB106. This wideband x3 Frequency Multiplier utilizes GaAs Shottky Diodes and a balanced topology to provide high Fo isolation and low conversion loss. Providing output frequency coverage from 72 to 90 GHz, the HMC-XTB110 is targeted to high volume applications where frequency multiplication of a lower frequency is more economical than directly generating a higher frequency. The HMC-XTB110 die is specified for operation over the -55 to +85ºC temperature range. HMC-XTB110 die samples, HMC695LP4E product and evaluation boards, and the HMC-C056 connectorized module are available from stock and can be ordered on-line.