Microwave Journal

2 W Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifier

January 17, 2011

NPR068_100MITEQ introduces a new addition to its family of high frequency, high power amplifiers. Model AMF-5B-33003500-80-32P is a connectorized high power amplifier/module, covering 33-35 GHz and delivering approximately 2.5 W of saturated power and 2 W of P1dB over a 2 GHz band.

The connectorized Aluminum alloy housing is 19 mm high, 76 mm long and 89 mm wide. Connectors are female, K-type. It is intended for bolting to a flat cooling surface.

Nominal small-signal gain is over 50 dB. Noise figure is nominally 6 dB. Output VSWR is a maximum of 2.3:1 and input is 2:1 maximum.

Output P1dB is 32 dBm minimum and 33 dBm typical. Current draw is nominally 2.2 A at P1dB. This module has an internal regulator and operates from a single 12-15 V and it also has reverse and thermal protection. A TTL pin gives control over bias turn on/off. Operating temperature range is -40° to +55° C base plate.

This power amplifier can be supplied on a custom heatsink if required.

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