Microwave Journal

Fanout Buffer, Gate, D-Type Flip Flop

January 17, 2011

hmc820lp6c_100Hittite has released the HMC720LC3C 1:2 Fanout Buffer, the HMC721LC3C XOR/XNOR gate, the HMC722LC3C AND/NAND/OR/NOR function, and the HMC723LC3C D-Type Flip Flop. These devices are designed to support data/clock rates up to 13 Gbps/13 GHz. The differential inputs to these devices are terminated with 50 Ohms to ground on chip, and may be either AC or DC coupled, while the differential outputs may be either AC or DC coupled.

Propagation delays range from 95 to 105 ps, with typical rise/fall times of 19/18 ps and jitter as low as 2 ps. Typical power dissipation is between 230 and 300 mW. The HMC720LC3C, HMC721LC3C, HMC722LC3C and HMC723LC3C also feature an output level control pin which allows for signal level optimization by allowing the output voltage swing to be adjusted between 0.6 and 1.2 V. These logic devices operate from a single -3.3V DC supply, and are housed in ceramic 3x3 mm SMT packages.

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