Microwave Journal

HMC694 and HMC694LP4E Variable Gain Amplifiers

January 17, 2011

Die & Plastic SMT Versions Feature Wide Gain Control Range

The HMC694 and HMC694LP4E are GaAs MMIC Analog Variable Gain Amplifiers which operate from 6 to 17 GHz. Ideal for microwave radio applications, these amplifiers provide up to 24 dB of gain, an output P1dB of up to +22 dBm, and up to +30 dBm of Output IP3 at maximum gain. Requiring only 170 mA from a +5V supply, these amplifiers feature a gate bias voltage (Vctrl) to allow up to 23 dB of variable gain control. Gain flatness is excellent from 6 to 17 GHz, making the HMC694 and HMC694LP4E ideal for EW, ECM, radar and test equipment applications. The HMC694 is specified for operation from -55°C to +85°C, while the HMC694LP4E is specified to operate from -40°C to +85°C.