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Anritsu Company Radio Communications Analyzers Now Test HSDPA High Data Rate and W-CDMA Band XI

January 17, 2011
Richardson, TX (February 2008) — Anritsu Company introduces HSDPA High Data Rate and W-CDMA Band XI test options for its MT8820B/MT8815B Radio Communication Analyzers to create single-instrument solutions for testing next-generation high data rates and Tx/Rx characteristics. The options bring the inherent advantages of the MT8820B/MT8815B – including faster measuring times, one-touch operation, high-level signaling, and high performance – to designers and manufacturers of HSPDA and W-CDMA mobile devices who need to quickly and efficiently verify performance. The HSDPA High Data Rate option (MX882000C-013) is designed to test the throughput of HSDPA terminals supporting the 3.6-Mbps (category 6), 7.2-Mbps (categories 7 and 8), and 14-Mbps (category 10) classes. Both 3GPP W-CDMA Band XI options (MX882050C-008 and MX882030C-008) support W-CDMA Band XI in the call processing mode. Designed for R&D environments, the MX882050C-008 is compatible with Anritsu’s W-CDMA Developer Test Suite (DTS) to conduct highly accurate RF tests. The MX882030C-008 works with Anritsu’s applicable Manufacturer Test Suite (MTS), which is an ideal solution for making RF adjustments and RF parametric tests on mobile terminal production lines. Single-instrument test tools, the MT8820B/MT8815B save space and cost while increasing manufacturing throughput of mobile devices utilizing HSDPA and W-CDMA Band XI. Both analyzers incorporate advanced DSP and parallel-measurement technologies to dramatically reduce manufacturing and inspection test times. Several measurement items can be selected freely for batch measurement, and the number of measurements for each test item can be configured separately. Covering a frequency range of 30 MHz to 2.7 GHz, a single MT8820B can also measure the major Tx and Rx characteristics of 1xEV-DO, GSM/GPRS/EGPRS, CDMA2000® 1X (IS-2000), TD-SCDMA, and PHS/ADVANCED PHS terminals. It has dual independent RF, AF, GPIB, and Ethernet connectors that can be controlled separately, significantly improving manufacturing efficiency by reducing production costs and space. The analyzer also features Anritsu’s Parallelphone™ measurement function that supports simultaneousjshandle@earthlink.net testing of two mobile units, making the analyzer the perfect solution for mass production. Pricing The MX228000C-013 HSDPA High Data Rate is priced at $8,969, and the MX8820050C-008 and MX882030C-008 W-CDMA Band XI packages are $897 each.