Microwave Journal

Variable Gain Amplifier

January 17, 2011

The 2AM Series can be used in applications that need gain control according to the input signal level. Also, the 2AM Series can be applied to various frequency systems combined with GaAs MESFET or GaAs HBT MMICs.

The 2AM series is a hybrid module which has a 2-stage amplifier chip and an attenuator chip mounted on a ceramic board. The attenuator is a 0.5 dB step 6-bit digital attenuator which has 31.5 dB of total attenuation. It can be divided to serial control model and parallel control model according to the attenuator control. The original version uses GaAs MESFET amplifiers but RFHIC can customize the amplifier IC used in the hybrid to be either HBT, e-PHEMT or any other technology depending on the specific requirements.