Microwave Journal

PR100 portable receiver

January 17, 2011
Munich, 21 January 2008 — The R&S PR100 from Rohde & Schwarz is the only portable receiver specifically tailored to worldwide requirements of mobile radio monitoring. Its wide frequency range from 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz makes it suitable for diverse applications such as radio reconnaissance, locating interference sources, and frequency monitoring. Despite its compact size, the R&S PR100 offers high sensitivity and a scan speed of up to 2.0 GHz per second. This enables regulatory authorities, industry, or armed forces to capture even weak or short-term signals. Featuring real-time bandwidth of up to 10 MHz and powerful digital signal processing capabilities, the R&S PR100 can intercept short-term signals such as those emitted by short-haul radio modules or military radios using frequency-hopping techniques. Because intercepted data is continuously buffered during scanning, no signals are lost during data processing. Stored activities can be displayed with a waterfall diagram. This means that even signals that are no longer being transmitted can be analyzed while the operator optimizes the receiver settings for the short-term signal being monitored. The IF bandwidth of the R&S PR100 ranges between 10 kHz and the 10 MHz maximum visible real-time bandwidth. As a result, the receiver can be adapted to handle a variety of radio services such as air traffic control, shortwave, TETRA, or UMTS. IF bandwidth can be selected independent of demodulation bandwidth. This allows the operator to demodulate an audio signal, store it and – at the same time – intercept signals across the set IF bandwidth. As a result, no signals are lost during demodulation. Moreover, the differential spectrum display lets the operator compare stored frequency occupancies with signal activities currently being received. Any differences will be shown in the differential spectrum. This feature makes it possible to track illegal transmitters such as bugs without a major analysis effort....