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Google on Pace to Top $1 billon in Mobile Revenue

October 15, 2010
Google’s increasing focus on mobile was addressed in its financial results announcement last night. Google said it is seeing very strong growth in emerging businesses like mobile, with Jonathan Rosenberg, senior VP of product management, noting that Google is on pace to generate more than $1 billion in annual mobile search and display revenue. Rosenburg cited an interesting example of mobile ads that are working well, telling analysts on a conference call to do a search for ‘car rental’ on their phones. There's a "very good chance you'll see enterprise rental car ad," with a phone number and map to the nearest location, he commented.

CEO Eric Schmidt outlined Google’s objectives with Android. In response to Wall Street analysts asking about whether Google is making money as it just gives away the operating systems to handsets makers, Schmidt said that this strategy is Google's preferred model. Handset makers and operators are going to make money from selling the phones, while Google will generate cash from having its services on that platform. Rosenburg said that mobile search queries have increased 500 percent over the past two years, Schmidt added that the money in mobile search is eventually going to surpass that on PCs, creating a huge revenue stream.

Wow, we are really going mobile these days and Google will be where ever we are! Microsoft is trying but do you think any company can give Google a run for their money in search?