Microwave Journal

Rohde & Schwarz adds four-port model to R&S ZVA40 vector network analyzer family

June 11, 2007
Columbia, MD June 11, 2007 -- Rohde & Schwarz today announced that its R&S ZVA40 10-MHz-to-40-GHz vector network analyzer is now available with four measurement ports, making it an excellent choice for evaluating the performance of mixers, amplifiers, converters, and wafers, as well as for making antenna measurements in radar and satellite applications. The four-port ZVA40 has high output power of more than 18 dBm, dynamic range greater than 150 dB, and high measurement speed of 3.5 ┬Ás per test point. It incorporates a second independent internal signal generator that allows the intermodulation distortion of amplifiers and conversion gain of mixers and converters to be easily measured. The R&S ZVA40 is also well suited for multiport and balanced measurements up to 40 GHz, and can be equipped with the ZVx-K6 option that enables highly accurate measurement of balanced devices to be made while operating in their large-signal region. The instrument is extremely easy to use, with on-screen wizards that graphically display all functions and extensive help functions with detailed examples. Instrument setups can be stored on the integrated hard disk and recalled by pressing a button, using a mouse, or via a control command when operated remotely. For each trace, up to 20001 points can be measured and evaluated with marker and analysis functions. Other features include flexible display options, mathematical functions, an embedding/de-embedding function that employs virtual networks for impedance matching, and comprehensive automatic calibration functions. The four-port R&S ZVA40 is available now from Rohde & Schwarz.