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First Vector Signal Generator Capable of Evaluating Mobile WiMAX MIMO RX Introduced by Anritsu Company

March 6, 2007
Richardson, TX (March 2007) – Anritsu Company introduces MX370105A Mobile WiMAX IQproducer application software for its MG3700A Vector Signal Generator. When equipped with the MX370105A, the MG3700A is the first vector signal generator that can be used by manufacturers to accurately, quickly and cost-effectively evaluate the performance of their Mobile WiMAX equipment based on the IEEE802.16e specifications. Any Mobile WiMAX waveform pattern recommended by the IEEE802.16e standard, including WirelessMAN-OFDMA, MAC (Medium Access Control Layer) and PHY (physical), can be generated by the MX370105A. A key benefit of the MX370105A is that it supports Mobile Certification Wave2 and MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) waveform patterns, which are critical for evaluating downlink (RX) functions of Mobile WiMAX equipment. Previously, multiple instruments were required to evaluate MIMO functions. Because the MX370105A, like all of Anritsu’s IQproducer solutions, is PC-application software with the same GUI as the MG3700A, it makes measurements simple to conduct. The MG3700A outputs the modulation baseband and RF signals using the waveform patterns generated by the MX370105A. Users can easily set the zone/burst area and zoom in or out using basic mouse operations. Confirmation of the sub-channel MAP can be conducted just as easily. Optional built-in BER hardware supports measurements using the fixed patterns required by IEEE 802.16e that are not supported by other general-purpose BER test sets. Mobile WiMAX equipment developers realize more than performance and efficiency benefits with the MG3700A/MX370105A. The solution also saves equipment costs by eliminating the need for multiple and expensive test equipment, such as waveform generators, signal generators, and phase adjusters. All were previously required to conduct similar measurements. MG3700A is Single-instrument Solution The MG3700A provides users with a single-instrument solution for analyzing signals of virtually all major wireless communication systems. In addition to Mobile WiMAX, it also outputs standards-based digital modulation signals for GSM/EDGE, W-CDMA, CDMA2000 1X/1xEV-DO, IEEE802.11a/b/g, and ISDB-T1segment/BS/CS/CATV. Popular systems such as GPS, Bluetooth, and WLAN are also supported by the MG3700A. It has a built-in 160 MHz arbitrary waveform baseband generator to output digital modulation signals simply by selecting the relevant waveform pattern file. Additionally, the MG3700A’s two built-in memories support output of both the wanted waveform and the modulation interference waveform or AWGN, using one memory for testing RX characteristics. This eliminates the need for two expensive signal generators and increases the efficiency of performance tests for multi-system mobile terminals, modules, and devices. Availability The MX370105A Mobile WiMAX IQproducer application software is priced at $5,993 while the MG3700A base model is $27,185 U.S.