Microwave Journal

Scalar Network Analysis using USB Power Sensors

July 13, 2011

A scalar network analyzer (like the Agilent 8757D) is the most popular instrument used for scalar stimulus-response measurements due to its moderate price, high freq coverage, and fast measurement speed. However, the USB sensor based scalar network analyzer provides advantages in terms of flexible setup, portable, multi-function, and cost. It can be a low cost, alternative replacement for the highly popular but discontinued 8757D.

The USB sensor based SNA solution is ideal for research and education needs since it is general purpose, multi-function, highly configurable and low cost. It is also ideal for manufacturers whom are cost sensitive. Applications include low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, filters, attenuators and various RF/microwave components tests. The USB sensor based scalar network analyzer can also be used for radio applications to test filters, cables and antennas, due to its light weight, low cost and simple setup.

Click here to download the SNA application note and free software tool to easily make scalar measurements on your PC.