Microwave Journal

AR Releases New Edition of SW1007 EMC Software

December 14, 2011

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has released the latest version (version 2.0) of its comprehensive EMC test software. The SW1007 software program now includes MIL STD emissions capabilities, along with the radiated susceptibility and conducted immunity capabilities that made the software so popular in the past.

The new software can be downloaded free at AR's website, arworld.us.

The model SW1007 EMC software is a standalone software application designed to operate on a PC running a Microsoft Windows™ operating system. The software is designed to be user-friendly yet extremely flexible. It is broken up into modules based on different types of EMC testing. Within each module there are pre-defined standards. The ability to create custom test standards is also provided. The SW1007 includes a built-in Equipment Manager. This tool allows for equipment to be entered one time and then accessed from within any of the modules. The Equipment Manager also keeps track of calibration dates and can warn the user when the calibration date of a specific piece of equipment is approaching.