Microwave Journal

New Power Line Filters Boast 40 GHz and EMP Performance

October 11, 2011

ETS-Lindgren, booth 401F, announced a new series of multi-purpose radio frequency (RF) power line filters during EuMW. The filters are designed for the highest performance required by defense and commercial applications. Model N600X series filters are ideal for screened room and anechoic chambers to ensure both incoming and outgoing power supplies do not compromise the chamber’s shielding performance. They are also ideal filters for TEMPEST applications where a high degree of protection is required to obtain maximum security. In addition, the new filters meet the most stringent NATO requirements for electromagnetic pulse (EMP) applications.

A notable performance feature of the Model N600X series filters is superior insertion loss of 100 dB from 14 kHz to 40 GHz – at full load. This provides better attenuation performance for electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), high intensity radiated fields (HIRF) and intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) requirements. Other notable features include low power dissipation and compact, rugged construction with all filter networks RF sealed in high quality electro-tin plated steel cases.

The new filters are now available with ratings of 440/250 VAC, from 16 to 200 A, and are suitable for 400 Hz supplies. Multiple line filters are available in panels for dual power applications with two filtered lines or three phase power requirements, with four filtered lines.

“ETS-Lindgren’s new power line filters offer proven 100 dB of attenuation from 14 kHz to 40 GHz in addition to providing EMP protection. This is critical when a filter is used in a secure environment where protection against electromagnetic pulse is essential, not a ‘nice to have’ feature,” noted Sergio Longoria, Senior Filters Engineer for ETS-Lindgren. “While other filter manufacturers offer 80 dB of attenuation over a reduced range such as 10 MHz to 1 GHz, our customers demanded better performance. We worked hard to design a new, robust line of filters and confirmed actual performance through extensive testing at our world headquarters, an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility in Cedar Park, Texas.”

All Model N600X filters are ROHS compliant and are CE marked for compliance with the low voltage directive. Custom designs are available upon request. Standard warranty is two years.