Microwave Journal

Agilent To Demonstrate W1716 Digital Pre-Distortion Builder

September 16, 2011

Agilent Technologies Inc. will demonstrate the W1716 Digital Pre-Distortion Builder along with other products and services for wireless communication; radar; RF technologies; high frequency semiconductors; electromagnetic; commercial and military RF; microwave; and mm-wave electronics and applications, at the European Microwave Week 2011 in October in Manchester, UK, Stand G301.

Agilent's newest release of its W1716 Digital Pre-Distortion Builder (DPD) software is designed to enable the high levels of wireless performance necessary for emerging wideband standards such as LTE-Advanced and IEEE 802.11ac.

The software creates an interactive RF/baseband platform for 4G modeling by linking the user’s baseband DPD algorithms with trusted wideband test equipment, standard references and RF EDA software. Armed with higher confidence in real-world performance, designers can now accelerate deployment of emerging communications chipsets, base stations and transceivers.

DPD technology helps address challenges in system performance and battery life for the wireless industry’s data-intensive communications formats. To date, it has been widely adopted in existing 3G and WLAN systems. However, as new standards exceed 100 MHz of spectrum to achieve 1 Gb/s data rates, each facet of wireless system design is struggling to meet new bandwidth and linearity requirements. The effect is being felt by hardware test instruments, baseband DPD algorithms, embedded signal processing chipsets, and RF/analog components alike. While solution providers rush to fill the gaps, market pressure is intense to demonstrate working systems.