Microwave Journal

Bliley OCXOs Offer Exceptional Phase Noise Performance

September 2, 2011

Bliley Technologies’ NV45G1480 Series 100MHz OCXO offers superior performance in one of the industry's smallest OCXO packages. In addition to exceptional phase noise performance boasting -100 dBc/Hz @ an offset frequency of 10 Hz, and a noise floor that exceeds -165 dBc/Hz, the units also offers frequency vs. temperature stability starting at ±50 parts per billion.

This superior performance is only rivaled by Bliley’s extremely aggressive delivery schedule. More than 100 configurations can be specified with delivery in four weeks or less. Bliley OCXOs are ideal for phase locked microwave signal sources, high speed synthesizers, radar systems, high speed network applications and other frequency conversion and generation applications.