Microwave Journal

Sub10 Systems Takes over HUBER+SUHNER’s SENCITY®Link Product Line

August 15, 2011

UK-based millimeter waveband and wireless point-to-point specialists, Sub10 Systems, has reached an agreement with HUBER+SUHNER to take over production and sales of its SENCITY®Link 100, 160, 320 Mbps product line.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sub10 Systems will assume responsibility for the continued production and delivery of these SENCITY®Link solutions under its own Liberator<® brand, for maintenance and after care for supplied systems and for future liabilities and orders. Production of the SENCITY®Link range will move from Switzerland to Sub10’s headquarters in Devon in the South West of England. Affected employees of HUBER+SUHNER will move to other positions within the company.

Announcing the agreement, Sub10 Systems CEO Stuart Broome said, “These are exciting times at Sub10. Hot on the heels of our announced EMEA expansion, this agreement with HUBER+SUHNER will allow us to further develop and grow our business. We believe that the time is right for millimeter waveband products and our single minded focus and approach to market will enable us to maximize the potential for the technology.”

Broome confirmed that Sub10 would continue to source components for the SENCITY®Link 100, 160, 320 Mbps product line directly from HUBER+SUHNER. Sub10’s own range of Liberato® products already uses components from the Swiss company.

For HUBER+SUHNER, Jean-Luc Gavelle, Chief Operating Officer of the Radio Frequency Division, said, “Our heritage and focus has always been the supply of components, systems and solutions for electrical and optical connectivity. The SENCITY®Link solution, however, was outside of that core business. HUBER+SUHNER will continue to develop and grow its radio frequency business with cables, connectors, assemblies, antennas and lightning protection components for the communication, transportation, space, and instrumentation markets.”