Microwave Journal

Thales Creates Thales Communications & Security

July 11, 2011

Thales has created Thales Communications & Security, a company combining the joint skills of Thales Communications and Thales Security Solutions & Services in the fields of defense, security and ground transportation. This merger reflects the growing convergence of information management issues in these areas. By combining these globally recognized skills, it is believed that Thales Communications & Security offers Thales major benefits in being able to cater even more efficiently to the needs of its customers.

The move recognizes the fact that the world is increasingly open, more complex and at the same time more vulnerable to new threats and that it is vital to be able to make the right decisions in timely fashion in order to protect the public, sensitive sites and highly critical data. To this end, the requirements of the armed forces and the security services are converging on improving the way in which information and the associated technologies are managed. At the same time, the control and command solutions and the means for supervision dedicated to defense and security systems are increasingly drawing on common or complementary technologies.

Thales decided that merging the activities of two subsidiaries: Thales Communications, a leader in secure information and communication products and systems for the armed forces and security services; and Thales Security Solutions & Services, a leader in security systems for the general public, for critical infrastructures and for travelers, takes better account of this operational environment.

"In concrete terms, Thales’ mission is to ‘simplify complexity' in order to provide decision-makers with relevant, clear and immediate information about their environment," explained Pascale Sourisse, CEO of Thales Communications & Security. "The creation of Thales Communications & Security makes us even more efficient by combining the skills of two highly complementary companies. It will also allow us to stimulate innovation and offer our customers a wider range of technologies. In all, this venture encompasses almost 7,000 people spread over nine R&D and industrial sites, all set to serve our customers in France and abroad."