Microwave Journal

Indra Supplies Satellite Communications Systems to Brazil's MoD

June 13, 2011

Under a contract awarded through public tender and worth around $5 M, Indra will provide rapid deployment satellite communications systems to Brazil's armed forces. This new project reaffirms Indra’s position as the main satellite terminal supplier for the Brazilian Ministry of Defense.

Indra has been present in Brazil since 1996, with offices in Sao Paulo, Barueri, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia. The company employs 1,500 professionals and a software lab in Campinas, which operates as a cutting-edge research and development laboratory.

The company has collaborated with Brazil’s armed forces since 2005 in projects related to satellite military communications, radars and electronic defense systems. It has contributed to consolidate the satellite network of the Ministry of Defense (SISCOMIS network), not only by supplying different Satcom terrestrial and naval terminals, but also by developing the management system of the network.

For this latest initiative Indra will deliver Fly-Away satellite communications systems that are characterized by their light weight, are easily portable and can be smoothly deployed. This technology guarantees communications with the satellite can be established from the most distant location.