Microwave Journal

TRU Corp. Celebrating 60-year Anniversary

May 6, 2011

TRU Corp., a provider of RF and microwave cable assemblies and interconnects, announces a year long celebration of its 60-year heritage of innovation. TRU Corp. was incorporated by James O’Neil on April 20, 1951 in Peabody, MA, and continues to be owned primarily by the O’Neil family.

“Our customers have associated our name with quality, reliability and value for 60 years now," says Scott O'Neil, President of the company. "This has always been our hallmark, we are very proud to have built this company with a focus on the customer.”

TRU, like many pioneering RF companies of the time, became integrally involved in the early support of military programs targeted at the development of radar technologies for the war effort. As RF technologies continued to evolve in frequency and complexity, TRU supported a growing number of challenging radar and missile technology requirements which continue today in programs such as Aegis, AWAC and Patriot. The exacting requirements of the defense industry established TRU as a premier supplier of high quality and performance products.

The emergence of wireless technologies diversified TRU into a growing number of commercial markets and product. TRU was the first domestic manufacturer of the 7-16 DIN series connectors in the US. As demand continued to grow for advanced semiconductor products to power wireless devices, TRU developed a high power/voltage expertise for the industrial semiconductor equipment market including key patented innovations for interlock switching and quick disconnect interface mechanisms. TRU continues to expand capabilities into low-loss cable assemblies for higher frequency and performance applications, ideally suited for defense, test & measurement and emerging alternate energy requirements.