Microwave Journal

Tektronix Launches "Scope, Camera, Action" Video Contest

March 22, 2011

As you might agree, one of the most beloved instruments in electronics engineering labs around the world is the Tektronix oscilloscope. Of its many capabilities, the oscilloscope’s versatility to tackle almost anything you can throw at it makes it the go-to tool on the engineer’s bench. To celebrate and highlight this versatility, Tektronix is introducing a “Scopes, Camera, Action” contest to showcase the many different uses for oscilloscopes.

Engineers, technicians, students and even electronic hobbyists are invited to upload short 1 to 5 minute videos to www.mytektronixscope.com about their most brilliant, novel, ingenious or fun use of a Tektronix oscilloscope. Community members will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite “Scopes, Camera, Action” videos throughout the 8-week duration of the contest. The person uploading the video that receives the most votes will receive a new Tektronix MSO2024 oscilloscope and each of two runners up will receive a TDS2024C oscilloscope. Each video entry qualifies the submitter for a chance to win an Apple iPad®.

Engineers by nature are a very creative group and Tektronix wants to give them the opportunity to showcase the cool uses they are applying to Tektronix equipment, whether that is in a work environment or in a garage shop or basement lab. Not only is this contest a nice way to win one of several great prizes but more importantly provides a mechanism to showcase great ideas and share best practices among the design engineering community.

To learn more about the “Scopes, Camera, Action” contest, or to upload, view or vote on videos, and review contest rules, visit www.mytektronixscope.com. Free registration to the site is required in order to participate.