Microwave Journal

AWR and CapeSym Sign Exclusive Reselling Agreement

March 22, 2011

AWR® Corp. announced that it has signed an agreement with CapeSym that names AWR as the global and exclusive reseller of CapeSym's SYMMIC software package for thermal analysis of microwave integrated circuits (MMIC). Marketed as AWR Connected™ for CapeSym SYMMIC, the product offering allows high-power RF designers to perform thermal analysis on MMICs designed within AWR’s Microwave Office™ software.

“High power and heat go hand-in-hand, and our customers performing power amplifier design have repeatedly inquired about coupled thermal solutions,” said AWR Executive, Ted Miracco. “Now, we can offer a technically robust and MMIC-specific circuit simulation and thermal profiling solution to our customers.”

CapeSym Founder, Shari Motakef, responded, “This partnership is ideal because AWR’s Microwave Office is the tool-of-choice for leading MMIC designers in commercial, aerospace and defense sectors and SYMMIC is most impactful when tightly coupled to it. AWR’s outstanding use-model, user interface, and customer support made it a natural choice for us to partner with, not only in terms of functionality but also for the global deployment of our joint solution.”

AWR's Microwave Office high-frequency design platform and CapeSym's easy-to-use SYMMIC templates produce unique and unparalleled electrical-thermal MMIC co-design of high-power RF components.