Microwave Journal

OpenET Alliance to Speed Adoption of Envelope Tracking Technology

January 24, 2011

The OpenET Alliance has been incorporated as a non-profit company to encourage faster adoption of Envelope Tracking (ET) technology to reduce the cost and power consumption of wireless transmissions for cellular, broadcast, military and other wireless communications applications. It has appointed a board, is accepting members and has published standard interface specifications accessible to any device or terminal manufacturer interested in implementing the technology.

The mission of the OpenET Alliance is to promote the development and adoption of ET techniques, components and products for use in the cellular, military and broadcast communications industries. The Alliance is publishing open, industry-standard Interface specifications for ET implementation in chips and products to reduce development and adoption risk for all ecosystem participants. The specifications enable ET capability to be added to chipsets for mobile terminals, cellular base stations and other applications with minimal impact on the cost and power consumption of the chipset itself.

Nigel Dixon has been named as Chairman of the OpenET Council, a role he takes over from Interim Chair Simon Whittle. He is joined by Steven Baker as Technical Director. Dixon said, “Envelope Tracking is attracting growing interest as the most effective wideband power optimization technology for wireless transmissions in cellular and other applications. We are currently in discussion with a number of Tier 1 manufacturers in the cellular terminal and base station ecosystems regarding membership.”

He continued, “We aim to be a centre of excellence for Envelope Tracking and other power optimization techniques in wireless transmission systems, and will play a central role in defining next generation Envelope Tracking and power reduction interface standards.”