Microwave Journal

SRC Secures FORESTER Contracts

January 18, 2011

SRC Inc., formerly Syracuse Research Corp., recently received two contract awards with a total potential value of up to $12.3 M for its Foliage Penetrating, Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Tracking and Engagement Radar (FORESTER), a revolutionary airborne radar system that penetrates through foliage to track people and vehicles on the ground.

The US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Simulation and Training Technology Center awarded SRC $1.3 M for the FORESTER Signal Processing Enhancements Program and another potential $11 M for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Foliage Penetration (FOPEN) Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) Radar Exploitation and Planning (GXP) program.

The FORESTER Signal Processing Enhancements Program effort runs through fiscal year 2011. The funding for this effort stems from a fiscal year 2010 congressional earmark.

“The FORESTER technology solved a grand challenge problem of ‘seeing’ through foliage. This funding for such an important program highlights the commitment of the US government to safeguard Americans at home and abroad,” said Bob Behler, SRC’s President and CEO.

Under the DARPA FOPEN GXP program, SRC will develop a set of tools to improve current FOPEN GMTI capabilities, and integrate and demonstrate these tools. This two-year program has two phases of one year each. Phase one is valued at $5 M, and was incrementally funded for more than $2.5 M until fiscal year 2011 funds are available later this year.