Microwave Journal

Applied Radar Awarded MDA Phase 2 SBIR Contract

January 18, 2011

Applied Radar Inc. has been awarded a Phase 2 Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract from the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) to develop a “Wideband Subarray Digital Receiver/Exciter (DREX).” This contract builds upon Applied Radar’s on-going work with the MDA on radar receiver/exciter technology, and greatly expands the bandwidth and throughput of existing technology.

“It is a critical enabling component of next-generation ground-based and airborne phased-array radars,” explained William H. Weedon, Applied Radar’s CEO. “It is a key technology that will allow demonstration of advanced digital radar arrays that employ digital beam steering and coherently distributed arrays that are at a much lower cost than current radar technology.”

The company will be delivering an initial DREX prototype to the US Air Force Research Lab at WPAFB, OH, in early 2011, and this new contract allows the R&D company to more fully develop the electronic hardware and software components of the DREX.